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Each package is tailored to the size of the home or property being photographed. Unlike other budget photographers, with J.Brewer Photography, there is no difference in the final quality of the images. Using cutting edge techniques with Tru-View edits, every home, large or small, is showcased in magazine-style imagery that will impress your buyers – and your next client!

All Package Levels Include…

  • Unique address Webpages for every house

  • Sky Replacements for Cloudy Days

  • Clear Window Views

  • Tru-View Edits – Accurately recreates what your eyes see, using a multi-image approach to editing with layers of flash and natural light  

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Basic Home Package

Approximately 1-2 hour photo-shoot in a fully-prepped home. Custom editing of all photos for light and clarity to best showcase the home.

~ 1-19 photos delivered-$160
~ 20 -27 photos delivered – $185
~ 28 – 34 photos delivered – $210
~ 35 – 40 photos delivered – $230

Custom Home Package

Approximately 2-3 hour photo-shoot in a fully-prepped home. Custom editing of all photos for light and clarity to best showcase the home. Special emphasis placed on architectural detail, custom interiors and fixtures, landscaping and additional property.

~  41 – 50 photos delivered – contact for quote

Luxury Home Package

Approximately 3-4+ hour photo-shoot in a fully-prepped home. Custom editing of all photos for light and clarity to best showcase the home. Special emphasis placed on architectural detail, custom interiors and fixtures,  landscaping and additional property.

~  51+ photos delivered – contact for quote

When your listing HAS to be outstanding – 

Consider a Premium Service add-on to your Photo Package!

Twilight Photos

Faux Twilight –  image crafted from photos taken during the original photo shoot. (image above is faux twilight) – $40.00 per final image

Real Twilight – a second photo shoot requiring a return trip during the twilight hour to capture real time twilight images. – $120 for 5 finished images, with option to purchase more.

Drone Photos and Video

Drone Photos –  Five “still” drone images – $95.00, additional images $15.00 each

Drone Video Package –  1 minute  (approximate) edited Drone Video branded with agent logo, if provided, and soundtrack – Also includes 3 drone “still” images – $150.00

Drone video and still image are also available as an add-on to a full photo package.


Additional Areas

Finished Garage, Workshops, Guest Cottages, Carriage Houses etc… – Additional areas will be priced based on sq ft covered and number of images requested

Traveling Fee – Additional fee applies if traveling distance exceeds 30 minutes, one-way, from Antioch, Illinois.

Please note that insurance requirements limit the photographer’s ability to handle personal property, 
so the home will be photographed in the condition the photographer encounters when she arrives. 

To ensure the very best results from the photo shoot, please prepare the property using the checklist.

~ All home improvement projects should be completed and cleaned up 
~ All landscaping projects should be completed and cleaned up 
~ Staging should be completed in advance of the appointment 
~ The driveway should be clear of cars, trash cans, debris, etc. 
~ In the yard, ensure that garden hoses are rolled up and loose items are put away 
~ Kitchen counters should be cleared of clutter, soap, sponges, dishes, small kitchen appliances, etc. 
~ Refrigerators should be free of magnets and items should not be placed on top 
~ Bathroom counters should be cleared of toothbrushes, toothpaste, razors, soaps, shampoos, etc. 
~ Washer and dryer areas should be cleared of loose laundry, detergent, etc. 
~ Trash cans should be hidden and toilet seats should be down 
~ Beds should be made and dressers cleared of clutter 
~ Loose items laying on floors should be stored in closets or the garage
~ Turn on all lights in the home 
~ Turn off all TVs and ceiling fans 
~ Put all toilet seats down 
~ Open all window treatments 
~ Turn on any water features 
~Provide any special instructions to the photographer

The copyright bargain: A balance between protection for the artist and rights for the consumer.” ~ Robin Gross

All copyright (expressed or implied) will be retained by Jennifer Brewer (J.Brewer Photography) unless an agreement has been made to the contrary (or in certain circumstances where specified in the Copyright Act 1968).  

On receipt of full payment, I assign to the person that paid for the photos (i.e. the agent, client, or owner, manager, as the case may be) limited rights to do as they wish with the photos, such as storing, printing, displaying and transmitting the photos, but only in relation to marketing or promotion of the property/facility specified in the contract  This is a Royalty Free Commercial License. Licensors who purchase royalty-free images and videos pay a one-time fee for the media, and can then use and re-use it without continuing to pay over time. Royalty-free works are for use only by the licensor and can’t be transferred. They’re also non-exclusive, meaning others can purchase the same license as you.

Photos may not be sold, leased or otherwise transferred to any other person (including to other owners or agents), unless where expressly agreed to by myself.  Location shots taken or provided in relation to a property may only be used in relation to that property and not in relation to any other property.  

Use of photos outside of these guidelines will constitute a breach of our copyright. A contract outlining this policy will be signed before the photo session.

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